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Happy Hollow School's Preschool, Pre-kindergarten and Kindergarten Programs

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Overall Happy Hollow Preschool - Kindergarten Program Philosophy

We at Happy Hollow believe the kindergarten experience is one of the most vital years in the thirteen year educational process. We shall endeavor to help your child learn to learn, to acquire the ability and willingness to extend his/her intellectual and emotional resources and bring them to bear in making decisions, organizing experiences and utilizing knowledge.

Each child comes to school with his/her own unique background of preschool and life experiences, as well as a unique style of learning. We appreciate your child's individuality and will strive to help him/her realize the fullest potential by providing an environment that is developmentally sound and an atmosphere of warmth and concern.

Ideally, the best education is a team effort of home, school and community. Let us join together to provide a positive experience for your child. We welcome your comments and concerns.

Full and Half Day Preschool

Happy Hollow School's Preschool Program offers full and half day preschool programs that foster curiosity and help develop basic skills needed for a life of learning. Learn more about our Preschool Program here

Full and Half Day Pre-Kindergarten

Happy Hollow School's Pre-Kindergarten Programs offers full and half day pre-k programs that build on your child's current knowledge and introduce skills that prepare them for kindergarten and beyond. Learn more about our Pre-Kindergarten Programhere.

Full Day Kindergarten

Happy Hollow School's Kindergarten Program offers a full day kindergarten designed to provide a strong foundation of both academic, aesthetic and social experiences. Learn more about our Kindergarten Program here.

After School Programs

Happy Hollow School's After School Program helps your child to relax, play, create and use the skills they have learned during normal school hours in a low pressure, safe and fun environment. Learn more about our After School Program here.