My favorite school - Happy Hollow...this school had the most wonderful teachers and made us feel part of their family!
— Larissa, past parent

Mission & Philosophy

Happy Hollow School believes the early childhood years are the most vital ones in the educational process.  Research, and most importantly experience, has demonstrated that fostering a love of learning in these early years builds a foundation that supports a lifetime of academic and social success.  Building this foundation of a love of learning has been Happy Hollow School's mission for over 60 years.

The faculty of Happy Hollow School appreciates your child's uniqueness and strives to help each child realize their fullest potential by providing an environment that is developmentally sound in an atmosphere of warmth and concern.  We avoid an "institutional" setting and have found that our warmer, more homelike, environment is better suited to nurturing a child in these early years while helping to build confidence in themselves and their own future.

Happy Hollow School offers an activity-oriented preschool and prekindergarten curriculum that fosters and supports a child's natural way of "learning through play".  Our classrooms are arranged with interest centers to provide developmentally appropriate activities available to the single child or to small groups.  Our teachers lead children through large group activities and one-on-one learning opportunities.  The emphasis is on exploration and process, questioning and discovery.  We believe the methodology we employ and our commitment to "learning through play" fosters executive function, concentration and self-control as well as independence and confidence.  It is not just play - but the right kind of play for a growing, happy and fulfilled child.

We are truly "building a foundation for a life and love of learning!"

Teachers & Staff

All Happy Hollow School teachers hold college degrees in early childhood education or a related field.  Our teachers are dedicated, experienced and certified facilitators guiding the students in planning, selecting and exploring various materials in ways that teach readiness skills and concepts.  All our teachers are certified by the Department of Early Education and Care of Massachusetts, attend annual professional development training and are CPR and First Aid certified.


The Happy Hollow School endeavors to help your child:

  • Develop self-identity, competence and self-worth
  • Develop a positive attitude toward learning by experiences success and by learning to deal with failure successfully
  • Adjust happily to working with a school group and to participate readily in group activities and discussions
  • Develop resourcefulness in problem-solving
  • Develop a clear understanding of acceptable behavior both within a group and individually
  • Develop fine and gross motor skills
  • Develop creative expression through art, music and drama
  • Develop an appreciation for peers and adults
  • Learn to live effectively with others and to value one's own rights and feelings as well as the rights and feelings of others